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Hailing from Coventry, Mugun has been making waves with his diverse sound, a blend of hip-hop influenced UK Rap over lo-fi beats. Drawing the name from his love of Manga, skater kid Mugun began to love music from a young age, being woken up on a Sunday by the smooth sounds of Sanchez or Josey Wales, then moving to Jamaica at the age of 13 where he was surrounded by musical culture in its rawest form. During this time Mugun got to experience the creative process of song making, being in the studio and understanding sound through his dad, which led to the beginning of his own musical journey on his return back to the UK at the age of 16. Mugun began to write songs, using music as a way to express feelings upon the society we live in today and his daily experiences. Being between Jamaica and the UK from the age of 13 to 21 provided Mugun with an invaluable perspective on creating music, as well as viewing our culture differently, ultimately influencing his diverse and unique sound. un:hurd first began working with Mugun in 2018 where he performed at some of the un:hurd showcase events. He impressed, and soon after, we had rebooked Mugun for a headline slot at our next show and secured further live bookings in London. Seeing the potential in Mugun, un:hurd started to work more closely with the management team to support the creation of promotional content, the distribution of Mugun's tracks and regular reporting on performance across DSP's and social media platforms. We've since developed this relationship into a full 360 degree support program for Mugun that deals with all aspects of Mugun's career.