The fresh prince of saucy drill is now Mr consistency from beginning 2019 rapper has managed to consistently bless us with Bangers and continues to build a solid fanbase which has reach millions of streams. Now M24 is back with the socially conscious banger “Peter pan” one of the first singles M24 has released from his debut Mixtape that would be dropping on the 31st of July. “This new track covers a number of different things, but the main message is about growing up in the Angel Town estate in Brixton and the struggles that come with that and how music continues to been an escape from the harsh realities of living in South London. Life around where I’m from it’s not a easy place to grow up kids,constantly seeing violence,criminality and the day to day struggles so this is what i remind my self I’ve come from nothing and had nothing to becoming someone and having more, I love doing music and the music seems to be doing me well and I’m out here as a young black man living like “Peterpan” and I appreciate and thank God all my fans and support for making this Possible”, says M24. M24 delivers raw and authentic bars combined with important messages and a neat flow - factors that have made it impossible to mistake him for any of his contemporaries.