Deji Araoye aka DTG born and raised in Croydon, South London started his career off as a YouTuber producing content ranging from gaming content, football content, indoor/outdoor challenges, funny public interviews in Central London & many more in 2016. Even though DTG was known for content creation on YouTube, he actually has a history with singing. He had been involved in Church & School choirs from the young age of 8. He represented British Jamaicans at the Guildford Cathedral as he performed with the national choir in 2008. He also took part in a talent show abroad in Nigeria in 2013 where he was placed in the finals alongside his partner (at the time) Isoken Aruede. Fast forwarding, In January 2019, DTG released 'Theresa' which popped off for him and brought quite a lot of heat around his name. The track accumulated over a million YouTube views in under a month & over a million streams on all platforms. DTG aims to tell his story through his music.