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A2 used to be a mystery, but he’s stepping out from the shadows. The Croydon singer-rapper first started releasing self-produced material under the A2 alias in 2012, gradually gathering a fanbase online while giving few interviews and keeping the social media activity minimal. The demure presence was befitting of a lot of the music, with intimate lyrics about swerving beef and relationship drama which felt like diary entries tapped out on a phone in a steamy night bus, and nocturnal-sounding beats built of deep, warping synths and warm blankets of bass. A2 is an artists artist, having been signed to Disturbing London and had the nod from some of the biggest artists in the world, he's no doubt set for a global takeover, if he wants it? un:hurd's powerful data analysis reports allow A2 and his management to understand and create stronger release strategy, optimal social media campaigns and grow his audience of underground music fans.