9 Jun • Inspiration

What artists should be doing during lockdown?


There are three words on everyone's mind right now, 'Isolation', 'Isolation' and 'ISOLATION'. 

For artists, this means no live events, no video shoots and no travelling to the studio. So, what should artists be doing during this time of... isolation?

1) CALM YOURSELF DOWN, accept what's going on around you. Accept your new boundaries and understand what you can and can't do. You can't go to the studio, but you can still record vocals. You can send these to your producer and you can make beats. 

2) Innovate. You can't make the music video you wanted to make but you can still make engaging content. Here's a wicked example from The Lottery Winners who created a funny Top 5 Albums video for hmv.

3) Live Lounge, Smy Lounge. Quit thinking you can't do a live session and make it happen in your own home. Get creative with your own setup and make new, live versions of your track for your social media platforms.

4) Get to know your audience. This is something people often overlook but you can't market effectively without understanding your audience properly. Get in touch for a free bespoke marketing report.

Finally, yes total streams are down week on week on Spotify, but I truly believe that the streaming economy will bounce back over the next few weeks and we will see some growth on Spotify due to people becoming accustomed to life in isolation.

Stay Safe. Stay Positive.