7th April: unhurd App: Social Media Advertising

unhurd App: Social Media Advertising

unhurd App

The unhurd app allows you to build and run social media campaigns across Facebook and Instagram. These can be used to grow key metrics such as your Spotify followers, Spotify listeners, TikTok followers etc all in just a few clicks.

On the app, you will see a ‘To Do List’, where you can see the different platforms you can grow using a Facebook and Instagram ad, such as TikTok, Youtube, Instagram, Amazon Music, Apple Music, Spotify and Facebook Likes

Using the ‘To Do List’ is the most powerful method to reach your goal for the ad. This is because we pre-populate the targeting preferences for each individual artist so that you can achieve the best result possible.

So, for example, if your goal is to achieve ‘Grow Spotify followers’, you would click on this option and begin your campaign. This will then take you to your Facebook Ad account, where you will be asked to login. After this, we will begin to pre-populate your target preferences. So for example, if you want to ‘Grow your Spotify followers’, we know that running the ads on Instagram is the desired platform for you to increase these followers. 

You are then able to choose a start and end date for the campaign, your advertising budget (how much you want to spend on the ad), the target audience and the custom locations. These are based on your data (e.g where you have an audience globally, but also where you have enough room to grow). However, you are able to change these to anything you prefer.

The app will then look at your interest targeting. These are interests and brands that your current audience are engaging with across social media. We know if we reach these people that are interested in these brands, influencers and artists, you are likely to grow a really valuable fanbase. These preferences are also changeable. 

When you’re happy with the targeting preferences, it’s time to design your ad. The app gives you an ad title and ad description, however, we would always recommend changing these to add personality to make sure it’s coming from you as an artist. The app then pre-populates the final URL (e.g link to artist’s Spotify). You then upload a video or an image from the media library on your phone and the ad is ready to go!

Want to try it yourself? Here's a link to download the app via the App store.