7th April: unhurd App: Insights

unhurd App: Insights

unhurd App

Here you can view all of your data across multiple platforms such as Spotify, Instagram, TikTok, Youtube, Amazon, Soundcloud, Facebook and Twitter


So, if you wanted to view your Spotify data, you would be able to see a chart of all of your Spotify listeners and Spotify followers and how they trend over time. The time frame of this can be adjusted, so you can see 1 weeks worth of data, 1 month, 3 months, 1 year or all of your data in total. You will also be able to see your music’s top cities and top countries, as well as your top tracks on Spotify.

Secondly, you can look at playlist count and playlist reach, and how they track over time, as well as your featured playlists, so you can see all of the playlists that you are in. 

Thirdly, you can see your popularity. Here we look at the popularity index tracking over time, and the conversion, which is the listener to follower ratio. You can also see your competition, so who you’re competing with as an artist.


Or, if you want to dive into your Instagram data, you will be able to see your followers over time, your most notable followers, some age and demographic information, top cities and top countries

You can also look at some post information; average views per post, likes per post, comments per post. 

Finally, you can look at affinity analysis, so you are able to see what brands your audience are interested in and engaging with. This is really useful for setting targeting preferences for your social media ads.

Want to try it yourself? Here's a link to download the app via the App store.