7th April - unhurd App

What is the unhurd App?

unhurd App

When it comes to promoting and marketing your music, it can be a long and complicated process. Many new artists don’t know where to start or how to maintain a successful promotional campaign. That’s why we’ve created the official un:hurd app, providing artists with the most effective and transparent way to promote new music. 

The app has a range of different features which will help you to reach your music goals in no time. This includes access to your data insights, where you can dive into all of your data across multiple platforms such as Spotify, TikTok, Twitter, Youtube, Facebook etc. It also has a bespoke ‘To-Do List’, where you can pitch to relevant playlists and run data driven social media ads to grow your streams and fanbase. However, what makes all of the difference is that the app already has all the steps set out for you to simply follow, making it that bit easier.

Here's a video we created to show you how the app works.

Want to try it yourself? Here's a link to download the app via the App store.