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What's new in 2020 for music and marketing

Saint JHN

It's been a strange few months for everyone in music. With virtual gigs popping up everywhere, streaming services adding almost 5 million new subscribers and the explosion of Tik Tok, we've seen progress in areas we may not have expected. So, what's next? Well, for the industry we continue to see artists releasing new music. We are hearing of plans for festivals and live shows early next year and people are listening to more vinyl now than pre-lockdown with an almost 25% rise in vinyl sales.

For un:hurd, we've spent the last month rebranding, and our new look Instagram page is now a place to inform, entertain and discover. We continue to offer data-first services to artists, management companies and record labels and we're fortunate enough to continue our work with some of the most amazing emerging talent in the UK.

So, thanks for sticking with us and please get in touch to chat about what you think is next for music!



We've been working hard on these artist's release campaigns - which are out now!

Check out Joell's new mixtape "Left on read" which had support from Complex Mag & Mugun's new single "If I Kweff" ; showcasing his raw rapping ability, and is paired with a unique visual accompaniment, reciting his rhymes in his own cinematic self-directed cut.

The music video just released on the 1st. Linked here!

We've also been working on the release strategy for the indie pop duo, Dust In The Sunlight on their new EP . This 15 minute EP comprises of four contemplative tracks, each beautifully crafted to combine clever songwriting with acoustic elegance. This is only the beginning for them.


The digital marketing company 'Latch ' interviewed un:hurd's founder, Alex, for their new mentorship scheme. "Open Door Talks" provides industry knowledge to twelve talented individuals, discussing Spotify, Youtube, brand partnerships, building a fanbase, amongst a whole range of other topics.

We've also hired Rebecca who's been busy building new marketing collateral as well as marketing reports for UK artists! Welcome to the team Rebecca.


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