30 Apr • Content

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Covid Music Industry part 2

It's important in these times that we remain positive. Luckily, there are many of us who are staying positive, releasing music and making great content. Here are some of the more recent pieces that you may find useful or interesting. Don't forget to get in touch to support your next release, there are opportunities out there for you right now!‍

1. We gave you part 1 of Chartmetrics report on the impact of COVID-19 on the music business. Dive into part 2 here which looks at the impact on COVID-19 at a market level.

2. Virtual concerts significantly boost music streams, here's the proof.

3. This 70's style short documentary documents the release of Tom Misch (and Yussuf Dayes') new album, diving into the creative process. (Embed the video below)

4. Spotify have launched the artist fundraising option for all artists. Here's how to add your fundraising link to your Spotify profile.

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